ALEGORY Paris is a young Parisian brand challenging the codes of the footwear industry by creating a shoe with removable heels. The concept? To rethink heels, a woman’s ultimate accessory, as a way to express her moods, desires and fantasies throughout the day.

The ALEGORY Paris brand was born from the love of the creator for his wife. Watching her taking her shoes off after a night out, bravely walking on the Parisian pavement, he wondered : "How can my wife stay feminine in every situation and at all times ?"

As an engineer, he imagined a pump shoe which can easily be worn by his wife until the end of the night without choosing between elegance and comfort.

The team of pedorthists and last-makers combined the mechanism with a pump shoe offering elegant lines and instep support on each height of heel. By following the French fashion traditions, ALEGORY Paris has come up with an innovative shoe of the highest quality, entirely crafted in France.


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